Bookends and torsos

BOOKENDS: This series started with woven fabric strips between stone breasts. The breasts still provide support for fabric in many sets but are currently holding up selected vintage books. They are versatile and unique, hand carved from a variety of stones in any size to specification. A combination of hard material and soft content, most people find them titillating.

TORSOS: This is a series I have been exploring over the course of my career. Working with the body and natural form has always held a raw and variant experience for me.  The torsos are representative of individuals. In life, love and struggle we all share similar states but to each of us the form is unique. The past two years I have been combining the image of the sacred heart and torso. It started out as a whim in process, an attempt to combine my personal and professional work. It has grown into a deliberate quest and inner examination of my personal relationships in love, life and religion.