These bottom photographs show the first two parts of the sculpting process: acquiring the perfect stone at the quarry and having the seat area sawn with stone stock left for the hand carvings. The third photograph shows the benches in stage 6: all carved items covered with rubber waiting on the line to be sandblasted. The sandblast stage is known as "dusting" and gives all exposed rock a uniform texture by spraying it with steel shot. Just the seat and area around the items were dusted. The rubber is glued on to protect the detailed carvings during the sandblast process. The raw rock sides were painted with glue. The benches were then "dusted", rubber removed, washed, transported, then set on site. All items were carved directly from the original stone. They include: hammer and chipper chisel, lunch pail and thermos, crane controller and coffee cup, and pneumatic air hammer and paper hat. The paper hat is a historical nod to the Italian immigrants from Carrara who used to make paper hats from their Italian newspapers to keep the granite dust from getting in their hair.